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going to stand on washington, isn't he? >> that's right, and swalwell got very little sleep last night. he didn't want to go to bed until the election was final. that was about 3:00 p.m. he never got a concession call from pete stark, but today stark issued a statement conceding the race. >> one journey ended last night, a new journey starts today and that's to go to congress and finish what we started. >> he's hoping to help with the gridlock in washington, which will not be easy considering the balance of power between democrats and republicans after the election remains the same. but swalwell says some new, young energy in congress could help. >> a 31-year-old on congress will be the youngest, most inexperienced congress in the history of congress. i see that not as a liability
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but as an opportunity. >> he turns 32 next week and he will be the second youngest member of congress after eric swock of illinois. they criticized him az rookie during the campaign. >> he routinely called me a rookie, but we embraced that because we believe a rookie is what congress needs right now. >> the 80-year-old congressman who was first elected in 1972 did not reply to a request for interviews today and left a campaign last night without talking to reporters. he did, however, issue a statement that raeeads, it has been my honor to serve the people of the east bay for the last 40 years. i congratulate mr. swalwell on his victory. i hope to be of assistance in the future. even though they're separated by almost two decades, swalwell said in the end, the issue had little to do with age. >> it's not about age, it's not
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about politics, it's about performance. the voters in this race had a sharp contrast of candidates. >> reporter: and swalwell says one of his main priorities will be to help the president pass his green energy agenda and to bring green energy jobs to this district. swalwell says he does not plan to stay in congress for 40 years like pete stark, that he said even 20 years would be pushing it. he takes office on january 3rd. live in castro valley tonight, mon monty fuentas, nbc news. measure d, a minimum wage increase supported by labor, did pass. but voters elected the two city council candidates that the mayor needed to keep his pension reform agenda on course. nbc's bay area stephanie trong is live in san jose, and the results deepening the ridge between the city and the union. >> that's right, very polarized
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sides of this situation. the mayor shaep because the two candidates he wanted were voted in yesterday. they will help keep the vote for issues like fiscal and pension reform in his favor. in the meantime, the issue of pension reform has already been tied up in the courts and will likely be that way possibly for years to come. >> don't vote for people who do ugly things. >> reporter: we've heard the back and forth between city hall and the unions. >> we'll be fighting them. >> reporter: tuesday's city council winners seem to be deepening the divide. the union tried to knock out herrera to gain control of the city. >> they reversed the work on pension reform. it was the meanest, most deceptive campaigns ever run. >> we want them to be one of the most honest council. i don't think we have that right now. >> reporter: she says there needs to be more willingness to
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talk. as the court considers the half a dozen lawsuits, they need more options and the voters are on their side. >> the governors, the water boards, the counties, all of them passed. the mayor said, we're not going to bring it to the voters, it's not going to pass. every single one of them passed. ours didn't because we didn't have one. >> reporter: as the election closes, these union leaders are already banking their hopes on the next one. >> four to six years from now we expect the court battles to be done. before that, there will be an opportunity in that the mayor's votes will be turned out in two years. >> reporter: city council already moved on measure b, the pension reform, bypassing on a couple of ordinances. one of them limits supplemental benefits from employee plans. they expect the other measure to be taking effect next year, although they've said they will
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be fighting as many injunctions as it takes to fight it. stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. stephanie, thank you. big smiles. with prop 30 squeaking through this morning, they said they will start issuing refund checks to many students. prop 30 narrowly won overnight with 54%. it will raise income taxes on californians earning more than $250,000 a year and it hikes the sales tax by a quarter percent. the income tax is retroactive to the beginning of this year. governor brown, who campaigned tirelessly, considers the vote a win not for himself but for the state. he says the new money will cover $6 billion in education cuts that were made in recent years. >> the good news is the state has been reaching into the pockets of school districts to take money out because it couldn't pay the bills. that day is over. we are now living within our
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means because of the cuts and because of prop 30. >> reporter: governor brown adds that rating services such as standard & poor's are already noting california's new income and viewing its financial outlook favorably. >> now the passage of both proposition 30 and san francisco's proposition a provides sorely needed funds to san francisco city college as well. prop 30 narrowly passed and measure a received more than 60% of the vote. but the school is in such dire straits that long-term problems will still taunt administrators for a while. nbc's barry santiago is at city college with more. this is a long time in the making, arturo. >> it is, jessica, but the good news is city college will not have to cut its entire summer session, spring classes or even declare bankruptcy. but even the people who run the school will tell you they are far from being out of the woods financially. san francisco city college was
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facing imminent financial disaster. it faced bankruptcy and loss of its accreditation. but the passage of proposition a and proposition 30, along with changes in the way the college operates, is keeping the school on life support. it still has major problems, such as unfunded health care liabilities and weak money reserves. >> now the discussion has to move from how we shift those resources which are largely going to salary and benefits into some of the other needs that we have at the college that will we'll be required to deal with if we want to keep our accreditation. >> reporter: students don't have any illusions. most know that proposition 30 provides funds that were already in this year's budget. >> as we move forward with new sources of revenue, we'll be having conversations with our students, faculty, staff, as well as the community to figure out what we should be prioritizing to make sure we still have a college that is useful for our san franc sicifr.
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>> they've been able to balance the school budget, eliminate in deficiencies and meet the needs. >> we are still very dependent on the state. we can't change our tuition. we can only look to operate more efficiently, build enrollment and make sure every dollar we get is spent in the classroom and on student services. >> reporter: now, the college trustees seem to be very confident they can save the institution. their next big test will be in march when they have to show the accrediting commission all the progress they've made. passing the resolutions will definitely help in that regard. >> thank you, arturo. prop 30 wasn't the only good news for governor brown. a democratic super majority in both houses of the state legislature will likely provide support for many of his programs, if not all. in theory, this will allow democrats to pass budgets and
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other spending issues without any republican support. this marks the first time since 1965 the democrats will have a supermajority in both houses. and not surprisingly, the day after the election, there are already legal concerns. prop 35, the crackdown on human trafficking, is heading to court. the american civil liberties union and the electronic frontier foundation sued the state in federal court, saying that part of the law interferes with the freedom of speech. prop 35 requires registered sex offenders to disclose their on-line screen names and internet service providers to police. a proposal to bring pot dispensers to palo alto went up in smoke. 60% of the residents voted no to proposition c which would have allowed them to set up shops in the city. they say it would have increased crime in that city. others say it would have helped terminally ill neighbors and generated for revenue for
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palo alto. we have plenty more election coverage tonight for you, including who will be really taxed under prop 30. and ali gerston will talk about the local races that really stood out. that's coming up at 6:30, so stick with us. here's your fair warning. get ready for a big change in the weather. rain headed to bait area athe b snow to the sierras. jeff? >> some major extremes in the past 24 hours and even more changes in the next 24 hours. from record-setting heat 20 to 30 degrees above average to below average. a 10-degree drop in temperatures today, a 20-degree drop for those of you in napa and san francisco also dropping 10 degrees, san jose with a 14-degree drop. you can see our next storm system is about 608 miles away here from the bay area. it's going to move from the north to the south, partly over land, so a little dryer storm
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track, but here's the thing, an aggressive jet stream dropping done with this storm system. we'll even produce the chance of some thunderstorms as we head to our next 48-hour forecast. here are a few highlights with this next storm moving in. about a 25-degree drop in those temperatures. we'll have scattered rain showers, wind in the hills and extremely low snow levels that may go as high as 2500 feet. we're tracking it all for you. we'll have that hour-by-hour forecast and better than expected snow totals for you skiers this year coming up later in the show. still ahead at 6:00, an about face and an apology in a controversial sex abuse case. new details coming out. charges are dropped in a high-profile murder case on the peninsula. what police officers allegedly did to jeopardize the case. lots of day-after fears for investors today, and one of them comes from silicon valley. business and tech is next.
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the man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and friend was convicted today of murder. he was found guilty of special circumstces of lying in wait and killing multiple victims, a verdict that qualifies him for the death penalty. burris represented himself during his trial which he bizarrely giggled, cursed the victims and chided prosecutors. his girlfriend was about to leave him and was beginning a relationship with the other victim. the hearing begins tomorrow. beginning tomorrow at 6:00, call in the feds. the sheriff's department is under mounting pressure to ask the fbi to take over the search for victims of the notorious speed freak killers.
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they say the mother is better equipped to handle the investigation. the girl's remains were found by the sheriff's excavator. they supplied additional funds for that search but also asked the sheriff if the fbi would be willing to take over the case. a murder charge dismissed. a judge says police illegally took over the case of a man who was claimed to be a community leader. they violated gregory elarm's fifth amendment request when they ignored his request for an attorney and continued questioning him. he confessed to killing 54-year-old david lewis in the parking lot of hillsdale shopping center in june of 2010. the d.a. will now decide whether to refile the murder charge or repeal the judge's decision. he remains behind bars tonight on an unrelated charge. a second suspect has been accused of setting a muni bus on
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fire following the giants' win. he is charged with three felonies, including arson. police are looking for three other suspects who vandalized muni buses that same night. the other suspects you see here are wearing a black t-shirt and black baseball hat. the third one is a black male wearing a red shirt. police previously arrested gregory gannis for smashing a muni bus window. anyone connected with the vandal will have to pay for the bus or replace it. a legal claim blamed a sex abuse victim for being partially responsible for the attack on her. that accusation was directed at 30-year-old kristin cunan who said she was sexually abused by
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two teachers back in the 199 0s. the allegation was in court papers in connection with filing her lawsuit. the district has now withdrawn that document. in a quote today, the superintendent said, quote, the governing board and its attorneys apologize to ms. cunnane for any anxiety or distress caused by the inclusion of this defense in response to her pleading. the defense of that anti-muslim film that sparked protest in the middle east. he is sentenced for not making the movie but for violating the terms of his bank fraud which prohibited using computers and the internet and for obtaining a fraudulent california driver's license. at least one violation is for using an alias, sam basill. he was originally thought to be responsible for the rising in benghazi where u.n. leader
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steven son was killed. apple and possibly your money took a beating today. let's bring in scott budman. not uncommon for post-election blues but a lot more damaging than years past, isn't it? >> that's right, no one wants to win and then have the stock market tank, but today's losses had less to do with the election and far more to do with problems overseas. and we'll start with apple. after dropping $22 a share today has now seen its stock price fall 20% since recent highs. apple ordered another company to pay $368 million after a ruling that apple infringed on its patents, this on the heels of a forced apology and a trip to court all on the heels of the sales of its recent ipad. wall street has the fear of what financial experts call fiscal cliff. all of that dropping the stock market by 2% today. if you're looking for something looking up, how about silicon
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valley's social networking. 30 million election night tweets. that's a record for a political event and no fail error anywhere in sight. at its peak, twitter said it saw 15,000 tweets a second. that's 43 times the number of tweets sent during the last presidential election. another record set last night, a tweet sent out by the president that looks a lot like this. that was both the most retweeted message sevever so far and the t liked on facebook. 760,000 retweets. >> tweeting the president. thanks, scott. let's go to our meteorologist who says the temperature will drop almost as fast as the stock market. >> let's hope not. we had a 30-degree drop here for some spots today and it's going to go even lower for tomorrow. we have this area of low pressure already spinning near canada, also back into seattle
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producing a little bit of rainfall. it's got some time to get here. we'll have more on that timing coming up, but the huge thing today was all about the wind, winds of change here across the bay area. 10 to 20 miles per hour. we're even seeing some gusts in the low 20s along the coastline, and that was good enough to push all this pacific air across the bay area to do this to our temperatures. 69 for your high in concord, a little bit of heat snout bay, but overall that 6 7 in san jos was dramatically colder. gilroy had the biggest drop, no doubt about it. we had 92 yesterday and the current temperature is in the 60s. let's go live to that hd camera network, and in san francisco, what you'll notice here is we have fog-free conditions, but we'll definitely get the fog back tonight, maybe even some areas of drizzle. as we look at the overall current numbers, plenty of mid to upper 50s. now let's get you into the goods. what many of you are wondering
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about is that rainfall. what time does it arrive? 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. we're not looking at any widespread showers. some of that consistent rainfall will start to build up in the bay. also san francisco around 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning. then in the afternoon, it gradually starts to shift here to the south, and you can see the nature of this can be very scattered, but we even expect rainfall to san jose and gilroy. not any kind of flooding issues coming our way with this storm system. we'll find cloud cover for everyone from the morning hours into the afternoon, and temperatures from the 50s at the coastline to just 61 in the interior valley, so no doubt you need the jacket as we head into thursday. on your three-day forecast, we find numbers staying cold all the way through saturday. and here's the thing, while the storm system starts moovrg ovin on friday, we could have a few thunderstorms and maybe hail
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tracking on that forecast. it continues to slam new jersey, new york, also connecticut. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. they just started the cleanup from hurricane sandy and now this next brutal lashing. we could have more areas of flooding, power outages with winds that have already topped 60 miles per hour with this storm system and also snow will range anywhere from 1 to 5 inch inches in some of these hard hit areas like staten island and also seabright, new jersey. police make an arrest after a crime at one of nancy pelosi's homes. we'll have the latest on that investigation. also, it's bringing a lot of jobs to the east bay. is this the bay area's new fashion hot spot? we'll show you the new outlet mall. and it's heating up outside the state capitol. back in a moment. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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check the calendar. ready or not, the first signs of the holiday season was showing around the area. today was the opening of the ice rink on san francisco square. looks beautiful, doesn't it? this will be the 50th year for the attraction. it didn't take long for them to fill the ice. >> we wait every year for this rink to be open because it's the highlight of the season. we love coming out here and opening day is so fabulous. we'll try to get down here as often as we can. >> she's dressed appropriately, she's smiling. nbc bay area is a proud sponsor of this holiday ice rink. it's open daily through january 21st, so you have plenty of time. along with it being a fun family event, a portion of the ticket proceeds goes to the boys and girls club and the city recreation and parks department. >> that looks like fun. the tree of the season went up on the capitol lawn. they delivered the new capitol
6:26 pm
christmas tree. the kids were delighted to see it while they still had lots of halloween candy at home. don't panic. still 47 shopping days left. the white fir is expected to have lots of color because it was harvested at 800 feet in redding. it will be decorated with ornaments by kids and adults with developmental disabilities. the red and green balls will make the tree shine while minimizing power. so it's a green tree all the way around. still ahead at 6:00, the facial features that could predict your risk of heart disease. also -- the smoke has cleared and prop 30 is amazingly still standing, but who is paying for it? we'll have a reality check right after the break. i'm janelle wang. late breaking developments in greece where the parliament has just made a tough decision to avoid bankruptcy. another nasty storm pounds the northeast, hurting the same victims of sandy. news around the world tonight is
6:27 pm
next. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good!
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so much talk even after the election, prop 30 remains in the headlines. we'll be talking about this prop for years to come because it impacts so many people. >> the electorate decided to back it because most of the taxpayers won't be paying for it. >> who is really paying for it? we know there is a small percentage of californians, but a percentage of the bay area will be paying close attention. >> a wide impact for prop 30, and we know we took a furious
6:30 pm
campaign push just to get it passed. they predicted it would likely go down because people don't like paying taxes. so governor brown sold prop 30 as a tax mostly to wealthy individuals. now that the day of reckoning has come, is that claim true? fresh off his election night victory, governor jerry brown was walking on air wednesday morning, feeling light and ready to make light of prop 30's impact on wealthy taxpayers. >> do you feel, as some people predict, that there will be a protest on taxpayers? >> high-paid individuals have more to fear than the taxed individual. >> partly through a sales tax increase that applies to everybody, but mostly through a personal income tax hike that
6:31 pm
only nabs single filers making $250,000 a year or more and joint filers making 500,000 and up. so what's the bottom line? we crunch the numbers, and a single file taxpayer making $350,000 a year will pay an additional 1,500 annually. for a single payer making a million dollars a year, that number jumps up to 19,500. but for a typical earner making $55,000 and not subject to the personal income tax hike, they pay $55 more a year. and here's another way to look at the same data. the independent california budget project calculated that the top 1% of all earners, those making $533,000 and up would pay for almost 79% of all of prop 30's revenues. the next 4%, the next brackets, those making between 206,000 and
6:32 pm
533,000 would contribute 2.4%, and finally, the last income bracket here, the remainder of the top 20% of earners would shoulder 5% of the revenues. so are the wealthy paying their fair share? fair is a subjective term, but the top 1% are shelling out a portion of their income that's ten times higher than their middle class counterparts. so california's richest are supplying 80% of the revenues. you're probably wondering how many taxpayers does that actually make up? according to the institution on taxation and economic policy, less than 2% were fewer than 300,000 people in a state with 37 million. that would definitely constitute a small minority. sam brock, nbc bay area, back to you. >> thank you, sam. we could talk about prop 30 for hours but we'll focus on some other issues.
6:33 pm
con gregs all congressionally, what stands out for you? >> this is something people didn't see until this morning. democrats to pick up five seats, five seats in california, just california. that's about a half of the total nationwide democrats expect to pick up. oh, my goodness, okay? the biggest surprise, republican dan lundgren's potential loss is close in the central valley. and the bay area, pete stark ousted by democrat eric swalwell despite practically every democratic leader supporting stark. that's the upset we had to mention. >> financially, let's talk about some of the statewide propositions and the races because it's changing the financial landscape, i think. >> let's put some things together here. combine prop 30, 36, 39. together they're going to change the state budget's landscape. prop 30 keeps the state from cutting the education spending by $6 billion or so.
6:34 pm
meanwhile the passage of prop 36, going to reduce state spending on prisons by about 0 $200 million annually, and the passage of prop 39 ends corporate tax loophole which will add another 3,500,000. they now have that two-thirds majority vote, the democrats do, since 1883 if you include the democratic governor. that means they can make meaningful budget reforms if they choose to. we're going way back in history, even before i was born. >> they were asked do you want to spend money for your local community or not? a lot of measures passed. >> unbelievable. your passage of a and b, your two tax measures, as well as a pass of every school proposition in santa clara county where the
6:35 pm
voters have a longstanding reputation of being willing to tax themselves. also a couple other things, passage of measure e, that's the growth receipts tax in san francisco. it helps the mayor at least solidify his power. and we don't want to forget the city of richmond measure. that's the proposed tax on ca o carbonated beverages with sugar. that drew lots of attention from everyone. someone has to walk away happy, someone has to walk away sad, but we're all walking away with a memory. >> we're going to miss larry. i got used to seeing him twice a day like this. she said she accomplished a personal goal of winning a statewide race with nearly 60% of the vote. ste feinstein reelected yesterday.
6:36 pm
she says it is time for both the democrats and the republicans to come together. >> i was reading where the defeated senate candidates from indianapolis said something like, and this is a paraphrase, i'm not going there to listen to them. i'm going there to impose my views on them. doesn't work. it doesn't work that way. you have to listen to people. >> now, going over the fiscal cliff, as it's called, could cause california 220,000 jobs, says feinstein when the bush tax cuts and spending expire at the end of this year. president obama fresh off his victory is back at the white house tonight. the president, first lady and daughters malia and sasha arrived just a few hours ago. you see them there getting off air force i. it was already turning toward bipartisan equality. boehner even opened the door to
6:37 pm
higher taxes. >> bipartisan agreement which begins to solve the problem, we're willing to accept revenue under certain conditions. >> we republicans want us to work together. >> so much talk about the impending fiscal cliff. it's dominating this agenda, although the problems have other immediate concerns, including changes thoiz cabinet. a home burglary at the home of nancy pelosi is raising eyebrows. the 21-year-old admitted to robbing six homes. they found the front door smashed in. it's not clear if he took anything initially. nancy pelosi won her post again last night. some congressional insiders say pelosi is weighing her options and may not want the job again. go to for
6:38 pm
complete results and more coverage. you can also find slide shows of viewer photos sent into the newsroom. it's it's just one week after hurricane sandy crippled the east coast and round 2 of another storm is now there. >> janelle wang joins us from the world desk with more. heavy snow and strong winds already pounding the northeast. the fierce nor'easter has been dumping snow in connecticut all day. in new jersey, dangerous ice and sleet causing dangerous conditions on the roadways. the community is still reeling from superstorm sandy. more than a week later, more than a million people still in the dark, and that number could rise, according to new jersey governor chris christie. >> i could actually see us moving backwards, that people that got power losing power again. >> reporter: the storm stretches down to philadelphia. 1400 flights canceled today mostly out of philly, jfk and
6:39 pm
newark. that includes 30 flights out of bay area airports. the frantic search in guatemala after a quake hit off the pacific coast. 39 are dead and many others missing. the quake was felt as far away as mexico city, 700 miles from the epicenter. this is the strongest earthquake to hit guatemala since 1976 when a 7.5 quake killed more than 20,000 people. despite two days of angry protest laws, greece passed an austerity package which includes $17 billion in salary cuts and tax hikes. 100,000 workers walked off their jobs this week angry with the proposed cuts. the strike shut down public transportation, hospitals, schools and banks. despite the protests, the parliament just in the past few hours approved the reform package to prevent the country from going bankrupt and to secure an international bailout from the european union.
6:40 pm
whether this will bring stability to greece remains to be seen. a woman's prediction of fertility. i'm chief meteorologist jeff paneary. wind anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour and a wind advisory in effect. we have a full report of how high those snow levels will go in just a few minutes.
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in health matters tonight, graying, thinning air and puffy eyes all a sign of aging that could also mean heart attack risk. they're monitoring 1100 pamp participants over the age of 40. people who had signs of aging at the beginning of the study had a 50% chance of having a heart attack. doctors should routinely check their patients for visible signs of aging. the amount of gray hair or the number of wrinkles had no impact on heart disease risk. another study says a mother's age at menopause may predict her daughter's fertility. it found women whose mothers had an earlier menopause had fewer eggs in their ovaries than those who had a later menopause. the eggs affect the ability to conceive naturally. jeff is up next with some of the changes we're going to be experiencing. finally put away the shorts. >> yes, get them away, put them in the closet, make room for the
6:44 pm
jackets. we have seven days of 60-degree temperatures. we'll tell you when those raindrops arrive and also dangerous conditions for the sierras in the next 24 hours. coming up in sports, the warriors are at home tonight hosting the cleveland cavaliers. we'll see the game tonight at the arena. plus, the baseball finalists were named tonight. both the giants and the a's were well represented. we'll tell you about that next from the infiniti sports desk.
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6:46 pm
i think i know where you're going to be tomorrow. right here with this story. retail therapy could provide financial stimulus for the tri valley. >> they haven't even officially opened and yet today the lines were long and the credit cards aplenty. nbc's kim la barry has more. >> plans started almost a decade ago, and now it's finally here. >> you know, anything that drives traffic our way, i mean, it's good for our city, it's good for our community. >> reporter: the 543,000 square foot center right off 580 has 143 stores and is packed with high-end retailers. seven kinds of high-end jeans,
6:47 pm
bloomington and la couture to name just a few. >> it's amazing. i'm anxious to go and check it out. >> reporter: as workers deal with last-minute landscaping and design, business owners are checking last-minute lists and displays, happy to be contributing to the holiday season. >> this is a blessing for livermore. i participated in a job fair and there was literally thousands of people out there trying to get a job, so this is going to be wonderful for the economy and for the town of livermore, absolutely. >> reporter: paragon outlet says this is the first outlet center to open in the states since 2001 and it's expected to generate $2 million a year for livermore. >> we just feel we're part of the whole livermore experience. you come out here to do a wonderful wine tasting, to have a lunch at a vineyard, to shop now, something that you didn't have quite as accessible before we came. i think it really just helps to establish livermore as a
6:48 pm
wonderful place to spend the day, the weekend, a vacation. >> reporter: the official grand opening is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. today the major flagship stores including bloomingdales and other stores opened early. but some say the line could be as long as two hours. >> okay, true confessions. i was already there today. i went to the last call neiman marcus, but i had to leave because it was too full. >> you had to come here to work? >> i had to come to work. so i'll have to go back tomorrow. >> that guy had five bags coming out of there. >> that's nothing. you got to get both hands going on. there will be some good deals going on out there. some huge drops in our temperatures. 89 yesterday to 76 today. also san jose from 82 to 66. that 76 in los gatos, it was cooler than you had yesterday, but we'll see numbers go down even more. by thursday, upper 50s expected and that's not your morning low, that's what we expect after that
6:49 pm
morning high. winter weather advisory already posted here in the sierras, and it's not just going to be this light dusting of snow. while we are expecting 4 to 10 inches of snow, we're also getting winds that could top 90 miles an hour on the ridges of the sierra which could bring us blinding conditions, zero visibility, even blizzardlike up at 7,000 feet. something to think about if you're planning any kind of travel there over the next two days. we'll take you outside that live hd sky network tonight and emoryville looking back towards san francisco. it's obvious here we do have a storm system coming on in with that cloud deck starting to lower on in, the cold air filtering in, and so much larger changes. let's get a look here. over the next 48 hours, we have this system that's spinning out here in canada. that's going to gradually drop here in california. the thing about it, though, it's going to take more of a dryer storm track moving over land and pushing south across into the bay area. so we will get rainfall from it but we're not expecting any kind
6:50 pm
of extreme totals when it comes to the rain, it's just going to be those temperatures. some extreme drops. 40s and 50s at the coastline, 50s and 60s inland. when we get some rainfall on thursday, friday we'll have a chance for some isolated thunderstorms that may also produce some hail. as far as tomorrow morning goes, we'll start off with a little bit of shower activity at the coastline, but that heavier consistent rainfall starts moving in at 11:00 a.m. in the morning, then it pushes to the south here as we head to the afternoon hours. then by evening we'll keep that chance of rain. even into friday morning, it looks like we could have a few thunderstorms popping up about 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. so about two days here of some scattered on again-off again rainfall. when it comes to that snowfall, we'll see about 10 to 13 inches at the summit in kingville, and we could see some snow as low as paul pines. you know how low that is. also some rain, wind and snow.
6:51 pm
we could see the wind gust up to 90 miles an hour across the sierra and 6 to 10 inches there. for us, it's going to be even colder tomorrow in the mid to upper 60s, so no doubt you'll feel that storm system move across. 10 to 20-degree temperatures, and we could see more power outages tonight and also areas of flooding. in your three-day forecast, we have a chance of thunderstorms here as we head to friday, then by this weekend we get clearing and sunshine and temperatures stay on the cold side, so no big-time heat coming our way. welcome officially to fall, everyone. it's here. >> thanks for the welcome. let's get to sports. you know what, comcast and nbc have floor seats at the warriors. i think jim could maybe hook it up and we could all check out the warriors. >> done. that is my first mission. the fastest sportscast ever.
6:52 pm
game 5 tonight in oracle arena for the golden state. coming off a loss monday in sacramento, they host the cleveland cavaliers in this one, wart yo the warriors looking for their first home win of the season. >> it's a great opportunity. if they're not available for someone to step up and fulfill that role. hopefully they'll be ready, but we know during the course of the year there's going to be situations like this, and we're going to have to find a way to go out and get it done. it's a different scene and a different situation than last year. you know, we want a guy like engine jarrod to play, and at the same time feel very comfortable and confident in charles jenkins, a proven guy that when you throw him out there, you can expect that he's going to do the job. and then the same thing with
6:53 pm
carl. ij t i think the problem is not having those guys as a luxury behind. other than that, we'll be just fine. >> all right, the baseball finalists for the awards are well represented. septus and bob melvin, while jim bochy is up for league finalist. no surprise buster posey tops that list for the most valuable player. maguire had been the st. louis cardinals coach for the last three seasons. the move fits maguire personally for family reasons, that is. big mac lived just 40 miles south of dodger stadium. to soccer we go. the earthquakes were at home. they host the david beckham led
6:54 pm
team, and one team will lead the western conference final tonight. >> it will be a nightmare. we're going to come out there and try to impose our force as much as possible, keep possession, try to decrease their chances and finish a couple off. >> you're not going to wait until the end? >> that could be a tendency, but hopefully we can get one early. >> the 49ers are coming off a bye week. they sit on top of their division with a 6-2 record. this sunday they host the st. louis rams, a team that finds themselves at the bottom of the nfc west, but the niners aren't taking them lightly. >> this is a big week for us, and we have to make sure we come back today, putting on the pads and make sure we go out there with extra emphasis on just getting back into it and making sure we're not just kind of easing our way back into it but
6:55 pm
just hitting the ground running. we have the guys here who know what it means and understand what we have to get done, so, you know, it's a great team to be a part of. >> for me you have a few days off and you enjoy it with your family a little bit, but not really reflecting, i guess. you have time for that in the off season. you hope you're playing your best football come november and december. you hope as the season goes on, you're playing better and better, and as you move into the back half of the season, yeah, these are huge games. a majority of your division games come this time of year, so you hope you're playing your best football. >> and giants fans, listen and be sure to catch "caught looking." the show will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the san francisco giants world series run. it's a must-see for any giants fans. for now, i have to run. i'm getting those tickets. goodbye. >> thanks a lot, jim. we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
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6:58 pm
how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. we want to take you to some breaking news in redwood city. a chopper above the scene. a train hit a car. this happened around 6:00, so within the hour. once again, this is redwood city near the kaiser permanente hospital facility there. reportedly no injuries. train service was stopped in both directions for this last hour. however, within the past few minutes, cal tran service has been reopened both directions on the peninsula. we'll continue to monitor the story throughout the evening. >> of course, we'll bring you more at 11:00. you can turn over to comcast with chris sanchez to have more news.
6:59 pm
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